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Nov 2, 2018

Announcing Scripts: Learning to Read and Write in Your New Language

Ready to learn a new writing system and take your language learning to the next level?

We’re excited to announce Scripts, our new app focused on helping you learn to read and write in a new language. It is currently available for Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Hindi, ASL, English and Korean.

Learn new writing systems with Scripts

Scripts by Drops takes the boring out of reading and writing in a new language. Learn Chinese characters, the Korean alphabet, or the Japanese writing system with gorgeous minimalist illustrations and fast-paced mini-games.

The best part? It only takes 5 minutes a day.

Learning a New Script

| “Do I need to learn Chinese characters to learn Chinese?”

When learning a new language, a different writing system can seem like an intimidating task. We wanted to take this tough, but necessary step in language learning and make it fun, simple, and remove any resistance learners might feel.

Learn a new language with Drops

The Benefits of Learning Your New Language’s Script

The benefits of learning to read and write in your new language are numerous. Here are just a few:

You don’t need to rely on romanization. Romanization is when a different script is transliterated into Latin (or Roman) letters. There are standardized forms of romanization like romaji for Japanese and pinyin for Chinese, but some languages, like Korean, do not have a standard form. This can cause trouble for language learners because of inconsistencies in romanization.

More resources are available to you as you’re learning. Most language learning resources assume you’re learning your language’s script. If you put off learning it, you won’t have access to as many resources as someone who has spent the time to learn the writing system.

Your pronunciation improves. Again, because romanization only does the best it can to represent a language in Latin letters, it’s not always 100% accurate. When you learn to read a new script, you learn the sounds for each of the characters or letters, and thus, learn to better pronounce words in your new language.

You gain access to native resources. When you learn your new language’s writing system, you can enjoy native resources like books, comics, magazines, and so much more.

It makes your notes much clearer. When you don’t know how to spell in your language, your notes are likely to be filled with mistakes that may be difficult to decipher later on.

Download Scripts from the App Store or Play Store.

Learn a new language with Drops

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