How do I get Drops at Work at my job?


Please fill in this form with the correct details of your line manager or HR manager. Once your manager confirms on the referral email that we will send them, both you and your manager will have the opportunity to try the Drops language app premium version for free for 30 days!

We will then offer your manager a demo where we answer their questions about corporate language training and match them with a Drops at Work product.

For more information on the different language learning games and products we offer, check out our product page.

How do I get my employees/ coworkers to use Drops more often?


Language learning can be more effective when it's a collaborative effort. That's why we've implemented social sharing into the app. You can invite whoever you want to download Drops and learn a new language along with you. You can join challenges together, (like our effective 10 Session Challenge) compare progress, and help each other keep learning.

What if I already have Drops Premium and my job gets Drops at Work?


You can cancel your Premium account anytime. If you are on a Monthly plan, then you will not be charged on the next month's billing cycle. If you started a yearly plan, you can cancel and you won't get charged during the next year's billing cycle.

What kind of companies use Drops at Work?


Drops at Work is used by countless, cross cultural companies from all over the world across all industries. Learn more on our LinkedIn.

What is Drops at Work?


Drops at Work is a digital platform that makes learning fun, fast, and effective via language learning games. Instead of long lessons about complex grammar and sentence structures, our language learning app focuses on giving your cross cultural team the key terms and phrases they need to thrive in an international workplace and break down internal communication barriers.

Who do I contact if I'm having problems with my account?


If you're experiencing technical problems with your account. Please follow the steps outlined here.

What is the Admin Panel?


The Admin panel is the space made for you to manage your account anywhere, anytime. It has space for up to 1000 premium licenses, which means you can add up to 1000 of your employees by entering their email addresses in the admin panel.  Within the admin panel you can also see your group's overall progress with metrics unique to Drops at Work.

How do I access my Admin Panel?


Once your Admin Panel has been created for you, you can access it at the Drops at Work website and click "Admin Login" at the top right.

How can we add users to our company account?


You can add users to your company account my entering their email addresses in your Admin Panel. The user then downloads the Drops app to their phone, and creates an account using the email you added in the Admin Panel.

How often should I use Drops at Work?


Your company initiatives may vary, but generally the more you use Drops at Work, the better. One session a day is enough to help you learn a language by yourself. You can do as little as five minutes a day, do on long session or several shorter ones. However, we understand that life gets busy. That's why Drops supports self-paced learning, allowing you to keep your streak, even if you take a two-day break.

What are the benefits of using Drops at Work?


Companies lose an average of 500 billion dollars per year due to low employee engagement. Corporate language training can help cross cultural teams achieve higher levels of engagement, more confident communication, and improved performance across the board.

For more information on the benefits of language learning in the workplace, contact us.

Is Drops at Work better than traditional/classroom language classes?


Drops at Work is a digital solution to language learning. It's well suited for companies because it adapts well to the busy, on-the-go lifestyles of their employees. Traditional courses can be time-consuming and energy-draining. Often times, employees have to skip courses paid for by the company due to scheduling conflicts, losing the company millions of dollars yearly. Alternatively, Drops at Work can be as easy as one five minute learning session a day that can be completed anywhere, anytime. The Drops method is unique in that we teach useful words and phrases your employees can start using right away. Furthermore, the on-the-go nature of Drops at Work also fits seamlessly into the new remote/hybrid work environments.

What are the best languages to learn for my business?


The best language for corporate language training depends on where your business operates, but US or UK English can be helpful to facilitate intercultural communication in the workplace. Read more about the best languages to learn for business for each region.

What is the easiest language to learn for my team?


The easiest languages to learn for English speakers are said to be Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, and Spanish. The easiest languages to learn for Spanish speakers are generally Portuguese, Italian, and French. As a rule, other romance languages are easier to learn for those that already speak a romance language and germanic languages are easier for those that speak languages that share those roots.

Still, the Drops at Work language learning method makes learning fun, fast, and effective for everyone.

What are good KPIs for learning a language?


Drops at Work helps you measure your corporate language training progress with three key achievements:

1. Number of words learned
2. Streak (how many days in a row they've learned with Drops)
3. Session accuracy (how much they get correct throughout a learning session with Drops)

Why is a language learning app more useful than a book?


From a content point of view, the Drops language app is more useful than a book because we are always updating the app, ensuring the topics and keywords are current. Books used in traditional language courses often have outdated vocabulary that is no longer in use.

Drops is also more effective than a book because it incorporates memory tricks backed by neuroscience and used by the foremost memory game experts around the world. These highly researched memorization tactics are implemented into the Drops gameplay, helping you memorize the words and phrases with minimal effort. Furthermore, the colorful custom-made illustrations are grouped with bite-sized content that your brain can actually retain, making learing with Drops fun, fast, and effective.

How can you deal with intercultural communication in the workplace?


Use Drops at Work! Corporate language training helps everyone feel included and engaged, facilitating communication and strengthening relationships among cross cultural teams. Book a demo to learn more about how the Drops method helps ease intercultural communication in the workplace.

Still have questions? Contact us using our dedicated form.